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August 01, 2007


Jane Zweig

I'm so happy you shared your family journey with us on the "outside". I'm so jealous. It makes me want to take time to stop and smell all the roses -- whether in Paris or elsewhere. What a gift you have given your children! It will be interesting to see the impact this trip has made on "next steps" in your life.
Best regards,Jane

Paris Barnhart

I just wanted to know the history behide my name.


that is very in teresting I'm going to Paris this summer

Paris Hotels

the Musee du Moyen Age is indeed nice. I was there on a trip with my husband and kids and we had a great time (the kids were captivated). I don't know why French people have such a bad rap around the globe. When we were in Paris we stayed at a really nice hotel we found on LMT and the staff was simply adorable. Thanks for your tips, I'll use them next time.


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cool place - i was there in 1997

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