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February 04, 2008


Steve Caliguri

Hey Jeff,

Good to see you are back! Let's catch up soon. I don't have your contact info, so call or email me.



Interesting and useful metaphor, I would extend it with your permission.

Following on, cutlery is slowly disappearing from the focus, in the future it will be increasingly on the food itself: what do I want the cutlery for? ... the services. Spoon, fork and knife is all you need to eat almost anything. A decent browser and a few other basic enablers wisely combined will provide you with most of the things you need. Customer lock-in based on hardware will be increasingly difficult.

Silver cutlery? Fine, but most people don't buy it. To open and broaden the customer base, engaging those that feel that technology is too complicated or expensive, a plastic or inox cutlery box is enough.

Focusing on mobility, right now, silver cutlery (iPhone, etc.) seems to be all we have. But that's not totally correct. Most modern handsets come with several enablers that can be smartly combined to go further that what has been done in the past, examples:
- Why install an application for sharing videos when most 3G handset supports videocall?
- Why installing applications for multimodal interactions when a decent mobile browser is enough (not talking about iphones here ...).

In Solaiemes we are convinced that this is the way forward for mobility. Perhaps that's a bit against the marketing/market wave but it is surely the technology trend.

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